Antique Chandeliers

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antique chandeliersA chandelier is a decorative fixture that is hanged on your ceiling, where your bulbs or candles are placed to provide light to the surroundings. That’s the most common definition that we know about chandeliers. But the fact is, chandeliers also serve as one elegant décor to a certain place-may it be a hotel, a church, or your own home. And definitely, having a chandelier on your home means that you’re house is quite big and maybe sort of like a mansion, plus it has an undeniably high ceiling.

Antique chandeliers are great ones to have, since they even provide more beauty and elegance to the place. The fact that antiques themselves are beautiful, just simply adds to its splendor.

But let us not stick to the belief and notion that chandeliers are just placed and can be seen on top of our ceilings, since there are many other types of chandeliers that are present, and not just those that are hanged. There are chandeliers that are fixed on the sides of the walls too, that serve as lamps as well. There are also some candlestick chandeliers that stand and rest on the floor.

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Also, not all chandeliers are made from the usual combination of glass, brass, bronze, and other mixed materials, since some of them can be made from wood as well.

There are lots of selections for your antique chandeliers here at Old Brewery Antiques. Just take your time, since you are provided with so many beautiful choices that may really eat your time till you’re finally decided which you think is the best of all.